Mobile workforce (or job-changing participants) blog posts


Every Dollar Counts in Today’s Zero-Interest-Rate Environment

In his latest piece for the RCH Consolidation Corner blog, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams analyzes the phenomenon of low interest rates and its long-term effects on retirement savers. Williams observes that, in a low interest rate environment, more savings are required to generate an equivalent amount of retirement income, so avoiding unnecessary cashout leakage is paramount. To achieve this goal, Williams urges plan sponsors to adopt auto portability, a technology solution that's "available to help sponsors make every dollar count for participants during these extraordinary times."


How to Mitigate COVID-19’s Potentially Catastrophic Impact on Americans’ Retirement Readiness

Writing in RCH's Consolidation Corner blog, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams addresses the urgent need to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Americans' retirement readiness. Williams observes that the surge in pandemic-driven unemployment, the relaxed restrictions on withdrawals, along with a pre-existing propensity to cash out -- spells trouble for retirement security. To help address the growing threat, Williams urges sponsors and recordkeepers to adopt auto portability, which he states will "discourage participants from cashing out, but also eliminate the need for automatic cash-outs."


COVID-19 Pandemic Demonstrates the Need for Institutionalized Portability

Writing in Consolidation Corner, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams examines the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on America's retirement savers, and makes a persuasive case for the systemic, institutional adoption of auto portability as a means to help rebuild and to preserve retirement savings over the long-term. In the near-term, Williams observes that reduced participant mobility make this an opportune time for sponsors to update participant addresses.


To Show Participants You Care, Help Them Avoid Cashing Out Post-CARES Act

As participants affected by the COVID-19 crisis consider whether or not to withdraw retirement savings under provisions of the CARES Act, RCH’s Spencer Williams offers plan sponsors constructive advice for engaging them.Writing in RCH’s Consolidation Corner, Williams acknowledges the need for millions to have a “financial lifeline” but suggests that sponsors remind participants via email communications and digital content “that their retirement savings should be considered a last resort for meeting emergency expenses, especially during the present crisis.”


New Research Confirms Clear Shift Towards Plan-to-Plan Portability

In his latest article in RCH's Consolidation Corner, RCH's Neal Ringquist observes that 401(k) plans have become more-and-more “institutionalized" -- yet the benefits of that increased institutionalization are being lost to large numbers of participants who cash out their 401(k) balances when they change jobs. Now, there’s clear evidence that plan sponsors understand the value of plan-to-plan portability in preserving 401(k) plans’ institutional benefits, and that a shift towards already-available portability solutions is underway.

How Socially Responsible Corporations Will Solve the 401(k) Cashout Crisis

Writing in the Consolidation Corner blog, RCH's Tom Hawkins makes the case that socially conscious private-sector corporations will soon solve the nation's 401(k) cashout leakage crisis by fully-embracing plan-to-plan portability, including auto portability. Three key developments drive Hawkins' conclusions, including 1) a growing understanding of the problem and its societal impacts, 2) access to a viable solution and 3) clear acknowledgment of a responsibility to act for the benefit of society. Hawkins further notes that this view is being echoed in retirement research & public policy circles.


How Sponsors Can Help Minorities Save More for Retirement

In his latest byline in the Consolidation Corner blog, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams addresses the cashout leakage crisis, which disproportionately affects minorities, including African-Americans and Hispanics. Auto portability, says Williams, can make all the difference in solving the crisis, but requires that "sponsors themselves, as well as their recordkeepers, take the next step by portability" -- an action which he characterizes as being completely consistent with a recent public statement by the Business Roundtable, and endorsed by 181 CEOs of the nation's largest corporations.


The New Age of DC Plan Portability

Writing in Consolidation Corner, RCH's Tom Hawkins identifies clear, across-the-board indications that America's defined contribution (DC) system is entering a "new age" of plan-to-plan portability. Portability, Hawkins contends, is the "missing ingredient" that, when added to DC plans, will resolve the damaging disconnect between America's highly-mobile workforce and their immobile retirement savings.