A Plan Sponsor's Guide to Supporting Roll Ins

The Experts in Delivering 401(k) Rollover Services

A 401(k) rollover service is not complete if it only focuses on rolling over balances to IRAs, or only on the needs of terminated participants. Providing all participants -- regardless of employment status or balance -- with education and assistance, along with a complete range of options is essential to ensuring that they'll preserve their savings for a timely and comfortable retirement, and helps plan sponsors fulfill their fiduciary obligations.

Automatic Rollover IRA Service:

For terminated participants with plan balances less than $5,000, the RCH Automatic Rollover service allows these participants to:

  1. Choose to rollover their funds to a new, employer-sponsored plan that will accept the funds or to a new or existing IRA.
  2. Take no action, and have their funds automatically rolled over to an RCH safe harbor IRA.
  3. Take a cash distribution from the plan.

If plan balances are automatically rolled over to an RCH safe harbor IRA, former participants can contact the RCH Service Center to get the education and assistance they need to move their retirement savings forward.

Finally, the RCH Automatic Rollover service embeds the optional RCH Auto Portability feature, the only automatic 401(k) portability platform for small balance accounts.

RCH Assisted Roll-In Service:

For new or existing participants, RCH offers the RCH Assisted Roll-In service. The RCH Assisted Roll-In service provides a quick-and-easy way to consolidate retirement savings accounts, saving participants time and money, and eliminating the hassle of having to manage multiple retirement accounts.

For plan sponsors, the service increases average balances, improving plan metrics and, over time, decreasing plan costs.

With RCH Assisted Roll-In, participants can:

  1. Consolidate plan balances from a former employer's qualified plan into their current employer's qualified plan.
  2. Consolidate plan balances from a qualified IRA into their current employer's qualified plan.

Key Features of All RCH 401(k) Portability Services:

Easy to Implement & Operate
  • Sign services agreement
  • Review & approve participant communications
  • RCH works with recordkeeper to implement program
Reduces Plan Costs & Administrative Burden
  • Increases average balances
  • Lowers plan costs
Manages Fiduciary Risk
  • Reduces potential exposure from lost or cashed out participants by actively managing the process to move retirement savings through the system
Delivers True Consolidation of Retirement Savings
  • Seeks to consolidate participant balances into an existing plan or IRA, whenever practical
Team of RCH Consolidation Specialists
  • Service delivered by a team of roll-in specialists
  • Bi-lingual support
  • All consolidation specialists located in Charlotte, NC

For More Information:

  • Download RCH Service brochures (link)

A Plan Sponsor's Guide to Supporting Roll Ins

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