A Plan Sponsor's Guide to Supporting Roll Ins

RCH: The Experts in Delivering 401(k) Rollover Services

When it comes to educating & assisting terminated plan participants with their options, the RCH Assisted Roll-Out service stands alone, offering unbiased, balance-blind assistance to participants to ensure that they stay invested in their retirement, and make the decision that's right for them.

The RCH Assisted Roll-Out service provides terminated plan participants (all balances) with information, education and assistance to responsibly manage plan distributions and to effectively move their retirement savings forward, including consolidation into a current plan or an existing individual retirement account (IRA).

Key Features Include:

Easy to Implement & Operate
  • Sign services agreement
  • Review & approve participant communications
  • RCH works with recordkeeper to implement program
Reduces Plan Costs & Administrative Burden
  • Manages out terminated participant accounts
  • Increases average balances
  • Lowers plan costs
Manages Fiduciary Risk
  • Reduces potential exposure from lost or cashed out participants by actively managing the process to move retirement savings through the system
Delivers True Consolidation of Retirement Savings
  • Seeks to consolidate participant balances into an existing plan or IRA, whenever practical
Proactive Outreach Approach
  • Utilizes a “campaign” approach including participant mailings and outbound calling to ensure high response rates
Team of RCH Roll-Out Specialists
  • Service delivered by a team of roll-out specialists
  • Bi-lingual support
  • All roll-out specialists located in Charlotte, NC

RCH Assisted Roll-Out Benefits:

To Third Party Administrators:
  • Compliance with Fiduciary and Conflict of Interest Rules
  • Manage expenses
  • Improve participant outcomes and plan metrics
  • Enhance service offering
To Plan Sponsors:
  • Improve participant outcomes and plan metrics
  • Reduce plan costs
  • Reduce terminated participants in plan
  • Reduce missing participants, uncashed checks
  • Reduce cashout leakage by over 50%

For More Information:

  • Download a service brochure on RCH1.com (link)

A Plan Sponsor's Guide to Supporting Roll Ins

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