FAQs for Individuals and RCH Accountholders

FInd the most frequently-asked questions about Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) from the perspective of plan participants or RCH safe harbor IRA accountholders.

For any questions you have not addressed here, please contact the RCH Service Center

Who is Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH)?

Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) provides specialty services directly to plan sponsors and to their job-changing participants.

  • When former participants leave their employment with a balance of less than $5,000, or they are participants in a plan that is terminating, they may be eligible for an "automatic rollover" into an RCH safe harbor IRA.

In these situations, former participants may first learn about us when they receive a letter, notifying them that they have (or may soon have) an account with Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH).

  • RCH can also assist current employees or former employees (with balances greater than $5,000) in consolidating their retirement savings into their current plan, or into an existing IRA.
Why does RCH have my retirement savings?

Plan sponsors, by statute, are allowed to transfer the savings of former employees with balances less than $5,000 into a safe harbor IRA, administered by a third party, such as Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH).

Are my retirement savings safe with RCH?

Yes. RCH, through its subsidiary RCH Shareholder Services LLC, is a registered transfer agent, overseen by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and authorized to administer safe harbor IRAs.

By design, a safe harbor IRA is intended to protect your retirement savings against loss and to provide liquidity.

How can I take charge of my retirement savings at RCH?

If you are an existing RCH IRA account holder, we offer you three ways to manage your account:

  • On the web, by accessing our online portal, myRCH1 (requires registration step for access)
  • Using forms, available online
  • Contacting the RCH Service Center for assistance. We’re open Monday - Friday, 8a-7p ET.

Click here to access the three options to manage your RCH IRA account.

Should I cash out my retirement savings?

While every situation is different, we generally recommend that you not cash out your retirement savings unless you are faced with a true financial emergency.

Why? Because when you cash out your retirement savings, you will pay taxes plus a 10% penalty (if you are under 59-1/2 years of age. By contrast, you can find out how much your retirement savings will be worth at your projected retirement age by visiting the RCH Cashout Calculator. You'll probably be surprised how much your savings could grow,

The RCH Service Center can give you education and assistance to understand your options, and can also help you move your retirement savings forward, into an active 401(k) account, or to an existing IRA. Just call us, Monday - Friday, 8a-7p EST at 1-888-600-7655.

Can I move my RCH balance to another retirement savings account?

Yes, RCH specializes in helping people move their retirement savings forward. If you have a safe harbor IRA account with RCH and wish to consolidate your savings into another 401(k) account or into an existing IRA, just give us call at the RCH Service Center, open Monday - Friday, 8a-7p EST, at 1-888-600-7655.

Can I manage my RCH account on the web?

Yes, you can manage your RCH safe harbor IRA account over the internet.

To log-in, visit: https://securities.RCH1.com

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