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IRA Accountholder Forms
Address Change Form

For IRA accountholders who have changed their address.

Beneficiary Designation Change Form

The IRA Beneficiary Designation Form is used to select or update beneficiaries in you IRA Account.

Check Reissue Request Form

For IRA account holders who need to have a distribution check re-issued.

IRA Contribution Form

Form used by IRA account holders to record contribution instructions into a Traditional or Roth IRA.

IRA Distribution Request Form

The IRA Distribution Request Form is used to withdraw assets from your IRA account and authorizes Retirement Clearinghouse to distribute money from your IRA on your behalf.

IRA Rollover Request Form

The IRA Rollover Request Form is used to initiate a rollover of assets to a qualified retirement plan. This form authorizes Retirement Clearinghouse to request a transfer of assets on your behalf.

IRA Agreements
Reich & Tang FDIC Insured Deposits - Terms and Conditions

If your default investment option is the Reich & Tang FDIC Insured Deposits Program, access the Terms and Conditions document here.

Business Continuity Plan

Learn more about the Retirement Clearinghouse Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Attached is the combined BCP for Retirement Clearinghouse, LLC and RCH Securities, LLC.

Retirement Clearinghouse Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Use the link to download the RCH Privacy Policy.

RCH Securities LLC Disclosure Packet

The combined disclosure packet for RCH Securities, LLC, including: 1) Anti-Money Laundering / Customer Identity Verification Notice, 2) Privacy Policy, 3) RCH Securities Business Continuity Plan Summary Disclosure Statement, 4) SEC Rule 17a-3(a)(18) - Customer Inquiries, and 5) NASD Rule 2342 - SIPC Information

IRA Fund Information
IRA Mutual Fund Information

Access information about mutual funds available to RCH safe harbor IRA accountholders.

Do-It-Yourself Roll-In Flowchart

A flowchart that indicates the most common steps required to roll-in your plan balance from an old 401(k) account to your present-employer's 401(k) account.

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