What to Look for in Missing Participant Search Services

When examining commercial missing participant location services, plan sponsors should look for the following:
  • Experience: Track record of successful location of missing participants, under multiple regulatory regimes.
  • Results: Can demonstrate a 90-95% success rate in finding an updated address.
  • Reliability: Beyond mere delivery of a result, how reliable is the result? While no search process is 100% reliable, your search provider should explain how they've tested & optimized their search process to maximize its reliability.
  • Affordability: Offers a cost-effective, low-cost automated process for handling a large (and potentially recurring) volume of missing participant searches.
  • Flexibility: Offers multiple search levels, depending on different search requirements.
  • Reporting: Delivers access to a complete online portal, including reporting, ad hoc inquiry and spreadsheet-based output, including filterable results.
  • Privacy & Security: All data is securely transmitted and stored. Provider is SOC 2-certified.
  • Audit Trail: All search history and participant interaction are saved for audit trail purposes.
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Provider is committed to continuously updating and improving search processes to enhance reliability.

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