By Mike Wilder | September 21, 2015

At Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH), the 4th quarter is the busiest time of the year, as many plan sponsors look to complete plan terminations and mandatory distributions before the end of the year. However, to follow appropriate communication timeframes, deadlines to initiate the necessary communications process needed to complete these year-end plan initiatives are fast approaching.

Take plan terminations for example. In order to properly communicate to all eligible participants, to follow the required steps for any lost & missing participants and to make sure all the funds are properly distributed, RCH recommends allowing a minimum of 75 days to complete the process. Since most recordkeepers have a distribution cut-off date around December 15th, this means the initial participant communication should start no later than October 1st.

RCH's terminated plan services include address searches, participant notifications, returned mail tracking, missing participant services and a choice of Safe Harbor IRAs with no minimum balance for those participants who are deemed missing or never respond.

RCH has assisted with over 1,300 plan terminations totaling more than 116,000 participants and $1.5 billion in assets. If we can be of service to you please call us at 866-827-9608 or email us at