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By Spencer Williams | January 20, 2016

In his 1/20/16 MarketWatch column (Four New Year’s Resolutions for Retirement Savers), Retirement Clearinghouse CEO Spencer Williams offers four New Year’s resolutions that all 2016 job-changers should take to heart, including:

  1. Don’t cash out, or leave behind, your 401(k)—Roll it into your current plan
  2. Make sure plan record-keepers have your up-to-date address on file
  3. Don’t throw away annual reports and statements!
  4. If you plan to retire in 2016, do all of the above ASAP

This is particularly important advice, argues Williams, given the fact that so many job-changers a) cash out their retirement savings, or b) leave their accounts “stranded” in a previous employer’s plan.

If you’ve put off account consolidation because you expect the process will be time-consuming and complicated, Williams suggests contacting your human resources department at your current employer to seek assistance, or engaging a third-party provider of roll-in services for a flat fee.

If you’ve already consolidated, then Williams congratulates you on your resolve! But Williams further advises that you make sure your plan record-keeper has your current mailing address for all notices, statements and reports.

So, if your plans for 2016 include a job change, retirement or move, your retirement nest egg will be better protected if you follow Williams’ four New Year’s resolutions.