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How Auto Portability Serves Participants’ Best Interests: Pt 4 Auto Portability Enhances Participants’ Financial Wellness

In the 4th installment of his five-part series on "How Auto Portability Serves Participants' Best Interests", RCH's Tom Hawkins examines how a program of auto portability can enhance 401(k) participants' financial wellness. To make his case, Hawkins identifies three ways auto portability promotes financial well-being, including: 1) preventing unnecessary 401(k) cashouts, 2) helping 401(k) participants clear the "$10,000 hurdle" and 3) simplifying retirement planning.


How Auto Portability Serves Participants’ Best Interests - Part 1: Dramatically Improved Participant Outcomes

Plan sponsors considering the adoption of auto portability must determine that, by participating in the auto portability program, they are acting prudently and solely in the interests of their plan’s participants and beneficiaries. In this series, RCH's Tom Hawkins identifies five key reasons why an auto portability program serves the best interests of plan participants. Part 1 of the series examines the dramatically improved participant outcomes that will result from a program of auto portability.


The Missing Piece in 401(k) Retirement Income: Consolidation

Over the span of their working lives, Baby Boomers have witnessed the birth of 401(k) plans as optional, "supplemental" retirement plans, seen the rapid spread of 401(k) plans throughout the U.S. retirement system, and tracked the evolution of the 401(k) plan into the primary and often, only -- retirement savings plan to be offered by their employers.


Let a Roll-In Increase Your Retirement Income

In his 10/2/15 MarketWatch article Let a Roll-in Increase Your Retirement Income, RCH President & CEO J. Spencer Williams advises retirement savers to bring their savings with them, vs. leaving their accounts behind -- or worse, cashing out.