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America’s Mobile Workforce Meets Their Saver’s Match

A new survey of American workers who would be eligible to receive a Saver’s Match federal matching contribution confirms the significant public policy benefits that the program could have in leveling the playing field for lower income savers – particularly for Black and Hispanic workers – while also finding that high levels of worker mobility could pose challenges in administering millions of annual matching contribution payments.


4 Key Findings from the New Auto Portability Simulation

Writing in 401k Specialist, RCH's Tom Hawkins summarizes the four key findings from the firm's Auto Portability Simulation (APS), a discrete event simulation that models the impacts of auto portability over a 40-year period, and are detailed in a new white paper, Revisiting the Auto Portability Simulation: The Impact of the Portability Services Network, SECURE 2.0 and Expanded Access. Hawkins contends that the new APS analysis has improved the model’s predictive accuracy by incorporating new parameters that reflect “changing realities” driven by three major developments: 1) the advent of the Portability Services Network, 2) the passage of the SECURE 2.0 Act and 3) ongoing progress in expanding access to workplace retirement savings plans. The paper's key findings highlight the growth of the participant population that will be subject to mandatory distributions, as well as auto portability’s effects on reducing cashout leakage, generating incremental retirement wealth, and delivering benefits to minorities and lower-income workers.


Ask an Adviser: What happens if we learn a missing 401(k) plan participant has died?

RCH EVP & Chief Revenue Officer steps up to the plate for Employee Benefit News' Ask an Adviser series, answering the question "what happens if we learn a missing plan participant has died?" Ringquist proceeds to identify a series of steps that plan sponsors can take in the wake of learning the unfortunate news concerning a plan participant's demise. As a preventative measure, Ringquist advises plan sponsors to consider implementing an ongoing program of portability to consolidate participants' balances, reducing the odds that they'll leave behind multiple, smaller-balance retirement savings accounts that wind up being lost in the retirement system.


What the Pension Protection Act has taught us about saving for retirement

Writing in Employee Benefit News, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams marks the 15th anniversary of the Pension Protection Act (PPA) and offers his views on the unintended consequences of that legislation. Acknowledging that the automatic enrollment feature has been successful in increasing plan participation, Williams notes that the feature also resulted in a “sharp uptick in small, stranded 401(k) savings accounts” that – absent easy plan-to-plan asset portability – has led to increased participant fees as well as higher levels of cash outs. In response, Williams observes that “the private and public sectors have worked together to create solutions” such as auto portability, which can help rectify the PPA’s flaws, and allow Americans to save more for retirement.


Exclusive Interview: Spencer Williams Says Post Separation Leakage “A Huge Problem”

Fiduciary News' Chris Carosa conducts a wide-ranging interview of RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams, gaining Williams' insights on America's 401(k) system, including how he is solving the problem of 401(k) cashout leakage via the RCH Auto Portability program. In the interview, Carosa covers a range of topics, including Williams' background and formative career experiences, the state of the 401(k) system, and of course, specifics about the RCH Auto Portability program and how it will have a positive impact on participants, plan sponsors and providers.

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Want to Avoid Legal Jeopardy? Adopt Solutions That Enable Portability for Small Accounts

Writing in Benefits Quarterly magazine, RCH founder, president and CEO Spencer Williams examines the multi-faceted problem of "small accounts" and describes how plan sponsors, providers and recordkeepers can take proactive measures to solve the problem by adopting auto portability. By adopting auto portability, Williams contends that the improved outcomes for participants could "mitigate the risk of 401(k) fee lawsuits and other legal actions down the line."


Portability on Steroids: Let’s See It! – Part Two

In part 2 of their 2-part interview, RCH’s Spencer Williams continues to discuss auto portability with Lisa Massena, Founder of Massena Associates. In part 2, Williams turns to the importance of Alight Solutions (the first large recordkeeper who has adopted auto portability), touches on a range of views on auto portability from within the DC Beltway, and offers his insight on broader issues, including the overall level of retirement savings coverage.


Portability on Steroids: Let’s See It!

In part 1 of their 2-part interview, RCH’s Founder, President & CEO Spencer Williams takes on the topic of auto portability with Lisa Massena, Founder of Massena Associates and publisher of the Retirement Security Matters newsletter. In part 1, their conversation highlights the fundamental dynamics driving the need for auto portability and offers readers a primer on how auto portability works.