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Learn from public policy thought leaders whose positions are consistent with RCH on retirement savings portability and preserving America's retirement savings.


There Is An Easy Way To Avoid Billions In Lost Retirement Savings

In her latest column for Forbes, Angela Antonelli, executive director of Georgetown University's Center for Retirement Initiatives (CRI), makes clear her advocacy for solving the nation's cashout leakage problem through the application of auto portability. Antonelli, a noted retirement researcher and public policy expert, details the negative societal impact of cashout leakage, before making a strong case for the adoption of auto portability, a solution that she believes will deliver particular benefits to minorities. Antonelli concludes with a clear call to action, stating that "we have a solution and it is time to get it done."


Savings Preservation Working Group Releases Cashout Leakage Study

The Savings Preservation Working Group (SPWG), a DC-based coalition seeking to promote best practice retirement policies, announced the release of its first Issue Brief. Entitled "Cashing Out: The Systemic Impact of Withdrawing Savings Before Retirement" -- the report examines a range of recent research and data to quantify the vast scope of leakage from the defined contribution retirement system, and "represents the most complete review of retirement leakage data to date." Critically, the SPWG analysis determines that cashout leakage amounts to between $60 billion and $105 billion annually, impacting 4.5 to 6.4 million participants. The group's website is located at


New EBRI Research Shows Millennials Benefit from Auto Portability

Expanding on research comparing DB plans vs. 401(k) plans with auto enrollment, on 2/14/19 EBRI released an infographic revealing the beneficial effect of auto portability on Milliennials. When auto portability is added to 401(k) plans, Millennials -- both male and female, for all years of eligibility, and for all income quartiles -- experience significant improvements in their 401(k) plan performance, as measured by equivalent break-even DB plan accrual rates. The latest EBRI analysis adds to a considerable body of evidence that auto portability is a leading retirement savings public policy initiative.


DB vs DC Outcomes Determined by Generosity, Design

Examining the 2/7/19 EBRI Research Brief comparing DB vs. DC plans, PlanAdviser's John Manganaro cites the study as finding that DB break-even accrual rates required for equivalency to their 401(k) counterparts are "rarely less than 1.5% of final pay." Under a scenario where auto portability is combined with the 401(k) plans, the DB break-even accrual rates increase further to deliver equivalency, with auto portability's impact "greatest among the lowest income quartile."


PLANSPONSOR: Groom's Saxon Welcomes DOL's Auto Portability Guidance

In the January 2019 edition of PLANSPONSOR magazine, Groom Law Group's Stephen Saxon welcomes the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) November 2018 guidance on the RCH auto portability program. The DOL, says Saxon, "clarifies important questions about the fiduciary implications for plan sponsors" and provides "much welcome comfort" to plan fiduciaries considering the program. Saxon concludes his analysis by stating that "auto-portability will have a positive, long-term impact on the U.S. retirement system by reducing leakage and enabling American workers to consolidate their small retirement balances on an efficient basis."

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The Hill: Labor Department rightly trying to plug pension portability leaks

In his 11/19/18 opinion piece in The Hill, former U.S Treasury official and senior fellow in economic studies at The Brookings Institution Mark Iwry writes about his personal, 22-years long advocacy for 401(k) portability, dating back to the Clinton administration. Not much had changed in that time, says Iwry, until last week's guidance by the Department of Labor (DOL) on auto portability, led by the efforts of RCH executives Spencer Williams and Tom Johnson. With the way cleared by the DOL, Iwry notes that auto portability's success will now depend on the "willingness of cooperate so participants can enjoy expanded portability."


CRR Offers Retirement Policy Suggestions to the DOL

PLANSPONSOR’s Rebecca Moore examines the Center for Retirement Research’s (CRR) report “An Analysis of Retirement Models to Improve Portability and Coverage,” presented to the Department of Labor in February 2018. One of the report’s key recommendations includes the establishment of a clearinghouse to automatically move small balances forward, a framework now widely-known as auto portability.


New EBRI Research Establishes Auto Portability as Leading Public Policy Initiative

With new research showing that Auto Portability has $2 trillion (present value) of potential benefits to America's retirement savers, EBRI research firmly establishes Auto Portability as a leading retirement public policy initiative. Get the research today.