401(k) cash out leakage blog posts


Sidecar Accounts Can Plug Some 401(k) Leakage—But Not Most Leakage

In his latest article in Consolidation Corner, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams examines the impact of "sidecar" accounts, which he views as a positive trend and a feature that could serve as a useful tool in the struggle to curtail leakage of savings from defined contribution plans. Williams also contends auto portability will be essential to plugging the biggest hole in the retirement system’s "bucket" -- cashout leakage -- which represents 89% of the overall leakage problem.


2018: A Great Year for Retirement Clearinghouse

As we pause at the end of 2018 to count our blessing and to celebrate the Holidays, we at Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) find ourselves grateful for a very successful year.


What is Auto Portability? It Depends on Who’s Asking.

With the announcement of the Department of Labor’s recent actions, auto portability has taken center stage in the retirement industry. While auto portability has been well-known to a relatively small group of industry insiders, its recent, widespread coverage in the media has many asking the question “what is auto portability?” In this article, RCH Senior Vice President Tom Hawkins suggests that the best answer may depend on who's asking the question, but one thing's clear: auto portability is an idea whose time has come.


Auto Portability is Like Bacon—It Makes Everything Better

In his monthly column in Consolidation Corner, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams explains to readers why auto portability is like bacon -- by making everything better for all parties in America’s retirement system.


Pairing 401(k) Savings Preservation and Expanded Access for America’s Minorities

In this article, RCH's Spencer Williams and Tom Hawkins address an important retirement public policy question: How would a pairing of auto portability with open multiple employer plans (or “open MEPs”) impact the retirement savings of America’s minorities, and particularly, African-Americans?


Don’t Become a 401(k) DIY Horror Story

In his latest article in Consolidation Corner, RCH EVP Spencer Pringle offers job-changing 401(k) participants important tips on how to avoid becoming a 401(k) DIY “horror story.” Pringle examines three DIY scenarios for participants to avoid, including cashing out, stranding a 401(k) balance at a previous employer and finally, attempting a DIY roll-in.


A Tale of Two 401(k) Balance Segments

RCH's Tom Hawkins reveals new research that predicts 401(k) participant outcomes following separation for two balance segments – those above & below $15,000. Using logic developed in the Auto Portability Simulation to track & tally participant outcomes 8 years following separation, the results reveal a startling contrast between the two segments – with participants in the over-$15,000 segment experiencing far-superior outcomes to those in the under-$15,000 segment. To address the disparities, Hawkins advocates for a new “automatic” in the form of auto portability.


401(k) Truth Bomb: Missing Participants are Bad, 401(k) Cashouts Are Worse

It may surprise many to learn that there’s another problem that’s orders-of-magnitude worse, which silently devastates millions of Americans’ prospects for a timely or comfortable retirement every year. I’m referring to 401(k) cashouts, and it’s time we took serious action to address them head-on.