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Making Your Day, Re-Visited: When Retirement Savers' Luck Runs Out

In his most recent article in MarketWatch, RCH's Spencer Williams reprises last year's 7/10/15 article where he channeled Clint Eastwood's iconic movie hero "Dirty Harry" Callahan.


Why Small Balance Cash Outs Are Falling Through the Cracks

According to the recently released 2016 Willis Towers Watson U.S. Retirement Governance Survey, a major trend in retirement plan governance is the growing concern employers have for employees' retirement benefit adequacy and financial well-being.


When it Comes to Saving for Retirement, Millennials Can Learn from Baby Boomers' Mistakes

In his 6/30/16 MarketWatch article, RCH President and CEO Spencer Williams suggests an inter-generational dialogue on the pitfalls to avoid when saving for retirement.


Fast & Slow Leakage Produce a Flood of Outflows

First, let's review the definition of "leakage." If we think of total 401(k) savings as a bucket of water, "leakage" refers to those retirement savings that, like water in a leaky bucket, are withdrawn from the U.S. retirement system every year. There are three holes in the bucket: cash-outs at the point of job change, hardship withdrawals, and loan defaults. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, one of these holes is much bigger than the other two combined nearly 89% of all leakage is attributed to cash-outs that occur when a participant changes jobs. Hardship withdrawals and loan defaults together account for the remaining 11%.


Auto Portability Simulation Model Unveiled at 78th EBRI Policy Forum

On May 12th, Retirement Clearinghouse President & CEO J. Spencer Williams unveiled the Auto Portability Simulation (APS) at the Employee Benefit Research Institute's 78th Policy Forum. The APS was developed by Retirement Clearinghouse in conjunction with Dr. Ricki Ingalls, Chair of Computer Information Systems at Texas State University, and Principal at Diamond Head Associates, Inc.


Say What? The Arcane Lingo of Retirement Savings Portability

In virtually any area of specialty, a unique jargon evolves that is highly-specific to that field. To insiders using the lingo every day, it seems familiar and perfectly normal. To outside observers, it can feel like a foreign language -- with words, terms and acronyms that make no sense.


Five Common Misconceptions About Automatic Rollovers

Automatic rollover programs allow plan sponsors to force out of their plan separated participants with balances less than $5,000 into a Safe Harbor IRA. These programs can be quite effective at helping sponsors resolve many of the problems associated with housing small-balance accounts in-plan, such as...


401(k) Plan Termination Video Series Part 3: Five Criteria for Selecting a Services Provider

Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) is pleased to offer a three-part series of educational videos on plan terminations, presented by Mike Wilder, RCH's Vice President of Client Services. These videos are intended to provide plan sponsors with a basic understanding of key plan termination process steps, the common mistakes that are made by plan sponsors, and the key criteria for selecting a plan termination services provider. We hope you will find these videos interesting & informative!